Into Paris Early

The Market Squares Bag is done.
TdF Market Bag Done

Despite the false start with the fugly socks, I still managed to finish my TdF KAL project ahead of schedule. Hooray. AND I love the finished product -- though I'm still not sure of its final fate.

Pattern: Market Squares bag from Bags: a Knitter's Dozen by XRX
Yarn: An assortment of Bartlett Yarns 2-ply
Needle: Webs Interchangeable Bamboo #10 and Webs Hard Bamboo DP #10

Eventually, I would like to line this bag as there is a small hole at the bottom where the stitches were drawn together to finish it. Other than that, there is nothing I don't like about this bag. I love the way the colors worked out: bright, but not too bright, just cheerful. As I've said, I'm not sure I'll keep the bag, but for now, it'll hang on the office doorknob where I can admire it and remind myself that I DID IT. Entrelac isn't scary, in fact, it's kinda fun.

Just to keep the FO theme going:
Spring Forward Socks Done

Pattern: Spring Forward from Knitty
Yarn: Plymouth Sockotta #816
Needle: Knit Picks Harmony 1.5mm
Mods: Um, I decreased the foot down to 63 stitches (basically, I decreased the three stitches you move to make a 30-stitch heel flap), then just skipped one decrease as I started the toe to even up the stitches. I actually contemplated doing these toe-up, and I probably will at some point, but I finally chose to follow the top-down pattern.

Up next:
Seaweed Toe

It's Wendy's Seaweed Sock in TOFUtsies #725. We'll see if the pseudo-striping of the yarn and the stitch pattern clash or complement.

And now for an obligatory cat story:

Tuesday, I noticed a small lizard on the screen to the slider in our kitchen. I tried and tried to get K-man to notice the lizard, too, but he was oblivious. A little while later, after I'd returned to the office to get some work done, I heard a crash in the kitchen -- K-man had finally noticed the lizard. I don't think that cat has moved very far from the door except to eat and use the litter box since:
K-man and the Lizard
K-man and the Lizard


Anonymous said...

Love the bag! K-man has a much longer attention span than my cats did. The anoles used to puff out their red throat sac and drive kitties crazy. I want to start Spring Forward and Seaweed.

Anonymous said...

Love the bag! I started an entrelac backpack a few years ago - before all the hand surgeries - and suppose I should get it out now and finish it. It will also be felted (or fulled).

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

That bag is great! And I'm jealous of your Spring Forward socks - must get some on my needles for September wearing :>
yay Team Rabobank!