The Good, The Bad, and ... Well, It Was the 80s

So, we've been going through the old issues of Knitter's that a friend gave us, and it's been great. We've got them all the way back to the premiere issue, and I have to say I love how classic it all started out (not to mention the legendary caliber of the contributors). Very different from the magazine as it exists today.

The Good
Knitter's Magazines

The premiere issue (Guernseys anyone?) and Issue 9 which was all about shawls (and includes some fabulous patterns -- there goes the Rav queue). So far, these are my favorites (though we've really only scratched the surface).

The Bad
Knitter's Magazines

Not really the patterns so much, but the styling. And that 'stache -- makes Jason Giambi look, well, he still looks like a 70s porn star to be perfectly honest -- is there anyone else out there who simply cannot look at the TV when he's batting?

The 80s
Knitter's Magazines

Get a load of the linebacker look on her. Oh goodness -- I'm having Joan Collins flashbacks.

But enough snarkiness, there has been a tiny amount of fiberwork happening around here in amongst all the gawking at bad 80s styles.


What do you get when you weave with self-striping sock yarn? Something that very much resembles plaid. I'm kinda liking it, though it has taken me a few inches to get the hang of weaving with something so stretchy. I'm especially proud of my hemstitching prowess:

And there has been knitting:
Bloody Mary #1

Bloody Mary sock #1 done. I really like the way the yarn and the simple slip-stitch rib pattern work together. And the colors are fabulous.

And then there's the cat
This is K-man's new favorite hang out spot:
K-Man Has a Bag

Honest, he does have cat beds and cat shelves and climbing things and even some cardboard boxes that are his size. He prefers tiny boxes and now this cut down paper bag.

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