Random Wednesday

I had so much fun last week, I think I'll do it again. More stuff which has found its way to me thanks to my job.

A Tardis USB Hub

I think I may need one of these. Just think, my very own Tardis to keep me company on my desk. Perhaps Dad needs one, too.

Cats at Night

I have one of these cats. While she has never resorted to a baseball bat, she certainly does anything and everything to wake us up if she thinks she needs some adoration in the middle of the night.

Corn is Everywhere

In researching to continue her corn-free diet after Passover, one woman discovered just how much of what we eat everyday is corn-derived.

Jane & Michael Stern

I love the Sterns. They spoke often at the library where I worked in CT, and they were always a huge draw and completely delightful speakers. If you ever get a chance to read their books, do so, they're a treat. If you're ever offered the chance to see them speak -- do it. Here's a great article about them from Salon a couple years ago.

Weather Facts

There are some very interesting weather facts on this page.

I would like to point out for the record that Tucson is not among the driest or the most uncomfortable cities, but it is among the sunniest (to this I can attest) and least humid, and it is is #5 on the cleanest air list.

PS: Phoenix is #1 on the most uncomfortable cities list. Take that, big cousin to the west.

When You Learn Something...

This question from a discussion forum for (among other things) kids trying to circumvent filtering software schools use to block sites like Facebook and MySpace kinda answers itself:
yep nothing works, cant are schools just let us have are fun? CHS in WI
Dear CHS: Pay attention in school; play on your own time; perhaps you'll learn something -- like the difference between "are" and "our".

Tiny Cars

M and I have been thinking about getting something a little more fuel efficient. Perhaps one of these.

Don't Try This At Home

And Finally, Meet Oscar

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